Wallzilla Fact Sheet


  • Print dimensions up to 60” wide x hundreds of feet long.
  • Panels can be combined to produce larger displays.
  • Printed on 100% Woven Polyester, material is biodegradable.
  • Uses an inkjet printing process with UV Cured inks, fade resistance.
  • The substrate is manufactured in a three stage process —
    1. Surface material is woven.
    2. Adhesive layer is applied to the rear of the fabric.
    3. Backing paper is attached.
  • LuxuryTec have submitted a US and World Patent on the process of applying Maps to Wallzilla — anybody wishing to produce a reusable, adhesive wall map must produce it through Maps.com.
  • The printing process uses slightly more ink than standard printing on paper, but because of the nature of the substrate yields a much greater depth of color and perfect clarity.
  • The material can be cut to specific shapes via — Dye cutting, for large volume, repeated shapes or laser cutting, for short run items.


  • Because it is a woven fabric, Wallzilla will expand and contract with changes in temperature without splitting, cracking or peeling, unlike similar vinyl products.
  • Wallzilla can be peeled from itself, unlike similar vinyl products. This means that if the adhesive surface should touch itself while the user is unpacking or mounting their map, it can be easily peeled and straightened.
  • The material is lighter than traditionally used materials such as vinyl, and therefore easier and cheaper to handle and ship.
  • No tape, adhesive, pins, nails, screws or other fixings are required to attach Wallzilla Wall Maps. This makes it easy to fit, remove and replace without the need for tools.
  • Wallzilla can be removed and replaced hundreds of times over its life. More frequent peeling will lead to a shorter product life overall.
  • Adhesive Wallzilla Maps can be applied practically any wall surface from fabric, wallpaper or sheetrock to stainless steel, wood and stone. Surfaces with loose debris may affect adhesion and also the ability to reuse. We recommend surfaces are clean and dry before applying Wallzilla.
  • Wallzilla can be seen in many places. It has been tested both indoors and outside, on elevators, subway stations, NFL stadia, NBA Arenas, TV Sets, Point of Sale, Around Bottles and Cans.




All of these can be downloaded in high resolution format from www.maps.com/pressroom

Wallzilla FAQ:

Click here to view the Wallzilla FAQ


  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • More products available soon
  • Prices start at $35.00 — subject to size and map style

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