Wallzilla Adhesive Maps, Wall Stickers

Exclusively at Maps.com! The perfect option for classroom maps, your home or office, choose from the World, USA, Continents, US States and Cities. Wallzilla is a self-adhesive format which can be repeatedly removed and reapplied without losing its sticky properties. Adheres to almost any surface. NO screws, rails, nails, pins, hooks, strings, tape or glue are required to mount these products – the special adhesive backing does all the work. Simply peel and stick!

Map Wall Stickers: So you can stick your map anywhere

Wall maps can be used in many different ways, whether it’s marking a sales territory, simply just for wall art or marking your honeymoon travels, the possibilities with a wall map are endless. With your typical paper, laminated or framed wall map you have to use tools to display your map on the wall. With a wall map sticker you can easily place your map on almost any surface instantly. Wall map stickers are a perfect option for maps in any home, office or classroom. The maps are printed on a unique adhesive backing which allows maps to be attached to almost any surface without screws, nails, tacks or glue. This special adhesive backing does all the work for you so you don’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing screws, pins, hooks, tape or glue to mount your map products.

Wall Map Stickers are great because: They can easy and instantly decorate any room. Sticker maps allow you to have the flexibility of adding a wall map to a room and then moving it into another room at your leisure. Wall Stickers are great for people who rent. This way you don't have to worry about putting holes in walls and you can easily place a wall map sticker and then peel it off when you relocate.

Remove, reposition and reapply. How many times have you tried to hang wall art and its crooked? With a sticker map you can remove your map, reposition and reapply it if you are unhappy with how it’s situated. If you are unhappy with the position, or have finished displaying your map, simply peel back and replace on the backing paper or a different wall - the choice is yours.

Wall Stickers are great products for kids' rooms. Map stickers are a perfect accessory for your constantly changing kids. Kids knowledge and lifestyle is constantly changing, with a sticker map you can remove a map that your kid has grown out of and replace it with a more advanced map without the hassle of ruining a wall while keeping your kid learning geography. Wall Sticker maps are fantastic for many different situations. The wall sticker material is made from a woven fabric material so that it is durable without creasing, tearing or fading. The maps are printed with special inks that prevent the maps from fading in strong sunlight, so they are long lasting.

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