Antique World Map

Antique World Map

By Equator Maps
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Antique World Map

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Antique World Map
Item#: MDC1 EM 100003 Antique World
This Political Map of the World uses Equator Maps' award winning design techniques to clearly define each country's geographic limits. An attractive and detailed political map of the World in warm antique tones on a Miller projection showing elevation tinted shaded relief, physical features, countries, rivers and lakes, and major cities and towns, including the new country of South Sudan.

The coverage of our World map extends from 90°N to 80°S. While this cropped version of the Miller Projection does not provide coverage of the south pole, it does include an ample portion of Antarctica's coastal perimeter.

Country boundaries, country names, capitals, selected major cities, mountain ranges, major mountain peaks, shaded topography / bathymetry. The Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn, and the International Date Line are also shown and labeled.

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International Mapping Equator Maps has created a series of artistically crafted wall maps that are ideally suited for display in your home, office or classroom.

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