Wall Map of Antique Upside Down World

Antique Upside Down World Wall Map

By Wise Guy Network
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Antique Upside Down World Wall Map

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Antique Upside Down World Wall Map
Item#: MDCMP 8AB23 2Q1SU6
Masterfully created with a classic antique style, this dramatic upside-down World Wall Map turns convention on its head, literally. Oriented with South toward the top, this map reminds us that there are many ways to look at the world and forces us to rethink our presumptions. It is a perfect way to encourage students, colleagues, family and friends to think outside of traditional constraints. This elegant map combines rich natural colors, old-fashioned political outlines, and tactile surface textures to provide an aged look, while the 3-D mountains jump right off the page. It is up-to-date and packed with content - more than THREE THOUSAND labeled places. Combining the nontraditional orientation with the stunning antique style, this map is guaranteed to grab attention and inspire curiosity!

This Wall map of the USA Upside Down features:
  • Cities
  • Interstates/Highways
  • Physical/Terrain
  • International Borders
  • Latitude/Longitude lines
  • Legend
  • Elevation Info
  • Capitals

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WiseGuyMaps.com provides a fresh perspective of our world by turning conventional cartography on its head (sometimes literally). Specializing in maps with distortion, reversed orientation, and other twists, WiseGuyMaps.com lets you see our world like never before.

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