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Gifts for the Space Cadet

Space maps are the dreamers guide to the universe

Find the perfect gift for your aspiring astronaut

Shelly Cone, November 20, 2013
Did you ever dream of traveling to space as a child? Exploring unknown worlds, taking to the skies in a rocket or stepping foot on the untouched soil of a strange new world?

At some point most kids entertain the thought of exploring the world above us. Fortunately, that dreaming has evolved from 'what if' to 'one day.' For some people that dream persists into adulthood, that quest to answer questions about the vast skies above remains as exciting as ever. Others have made it their mission to answer those questions.

For this generation more than any other before it space travel is possible. Flying to the moon, viewing the Earth from space and maybe, one day, even traveling to Mars. It's possible—or in the case of Mars—a possibility at least. In just a few decades we've gone from dreaming of space flight to dreaming up ways to fly further.

Space travel may be a reality but until it becomes accessible to everyone, maps are a great way to explore outer space without needing a rocketship. More than just a resource, space maps can ignite a passion to explore beyond the reaches of gravity and inspire dreams of discovery.

View the world a little differently with a map that shows the Earth from space, or explore the heavens with a star chart map. Learn about planet topography without stepping foot on celestial soil. Discover little known stars. Find out what planets can possibly sustain life as we know it. Maps of the solar system and charts that show other planets in relation to our own can make you wonder about our significance in the universe.

Whether you're a curious kid or an adventure-loving adult space maps can bring the universe to you and shed light on the unknown.

Earth may still have places left to explore but the world beyond our sphere holds more seduction for people with a love for outer space. So give them a gift that educates about what really exists outside of our atmosphere.
Earth from Space Map 1973

A Bird's Eye View

It's a whole new world when you look at the Earth from 25,000 miles in space. A whole new world is exactly what astronaut Harrison H. Schmitt saw aboard Apollo 17 in December of 1972. He captured his view in what would become the Earth from Space Map 1973, a strikingly serene map of our big blue marble.
Earth's Moon Map 1969

Promise the Moon

Of course one good view deserves another. Explore the moon from Earth in the educational Earth's Moon Map 1969 by National Geographic. With an abundance of illustrations and information about the moon, you'll learn about the phases of the moon, its orbital path, craters and even moon lore.
Our Local Universe

Planetary Fun

There is no easier way to learn than through play and the six-marble Our Local Universe set encourages learning in a playful way. The set includes the following marbles, each with a stainless steel stand, fun facts and cosmic games to play:

• Mercury marble
• Earth marble
• Venus marble
• Mars marble
• Moon marble
• Jumbo Galaxy marble
The Heavens Map 1957

For Star Gazers

The Heavens Map 1957 makes the perfect give for fans of outer space with its northern and southern sky constellations and illustrations of 88 constellations. Published in 1957 it also features information on where to look for the planets from 1958-1961. Printed in 1970 the Heavens Map with Star Charts goes a step further and features detailed star charts.
5 inch Illuminated Star Globe

Conquer the Constellations

You'll keep their head in the stars with this gift for outer space explorers: The Constellation Globe is a lighted globe that features approximately 70 celestial images when the light is illuminated. When it's off the lithography delineates stars, constellations and nebula. For a slight twist on that, the 5 inch Illuminated Star Globe will project the universe on any wall making it a great night light or simply a focal point for any room.
Red Planet Mars Map 1973

Navigate our Solar System

How hot is the sun? How many moons does Saturn have? The Solar System Map will tell you. Then put that information into beautiful full-color perspective with the Portraits of Our Celestial Family 1990, featuring all of the planets side by side. Or just focus on one planet with the Red Planet Mars Map 1973 featuring Mars in its blazing glory. The map contains images of Mars from different angles, and information about the planet's physical attributes including atmosphere, surface color, magnetic field, winds, and temperature.

Why stay bound to Earth when there is so much to explore beyond Earth's borders. Give them the universe with gifts that contribute to their love of outer space.

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