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Decorate their second home: The Office

Shelly Cone, November 20, 2013
They juggle home life, work life, and social life. They bring home the bacon but don't always get the chance to come home at a decent hour and enjoy it. With all the time they spend at their office, give the executive in your life something with which to decorate that space.

There is nothing that screams "executive" more than a desk globe. We're not talking just any desk globe here, this is a symbol of status, a statement that says, "I can travel here, if I want to. Or here, or even here—oops that's a coffee stain."
Carlyle Globe

The Classic Enthusiast

For the executive that favors a more classic look try the Carlyle Globe. With antique style, this 12" globe illuminates all those faraway places bringing them to life on the desk. The simple walnut-finish hardwood base and die-cast semi meridian adds understated beauty.
Orion Antique Globe

The Executive That Lives on the Edge

You can also opt for a slightly edgy, yet classic spin on the desktop globe with the Orion Antique Globe. Featuring a black ocean that gives this illuminated globe a heavenly appearance, the Orion's antique pewter finished, solid steel base, and die-cast semi-meridian make it perfect for any desktop. Or for a modern streamlined look the Crystal Marquise Globe makes the perfect gift for executives with its silver-land-mass and stainless steel axis base.
Marin Floor Globe

The Conservative Stylist

For the executive with a more conservative style opt for the Marin Floor Globe. Handcrafted from wrought iron with a rustic textured finish, the Marin Floor Globe makes a dramatic, yet conservatively refined addition to any office or home study.
Executive World Framed Wall Map

Got Empty Office Walls?

Of course not every busy executive has a roomy office, but most have ample wall space. Give that executive the gift that will put that wall space to use with the Executive World Framed Wall Map. It's classy and antique with a touch of cartographic beauty. Framed with high quality wood and available in two colors, the Executive World Framed Wall Map makes the perfect executive gift for the home, office, or classroom. This antique-style World Wall Map is an award-winning product of National Geographic Maps that combines classic antique-style cartography with fully updated geographical representation. Or opt for the Classic USA and World Wall Map Set that includes a political map of the world as well as the United States presented in a in a warm, traditional color palette. This map makes an excellent gift for executives who love classic styling.
Personalized Antique World Framed Wall Map

Make it Personalized

You can also give them a personal touch with the Personalized Antique World Framed Wall Map. Framed with dramatic, high quality wood, this Personalized World Framed Wall Map contains earth-tone colors combined with excellent and accurate information perfect for business, education or reference. The best part is you can specify up to 70 characters of your choice for the map title. Add the name of your executive or his or her business name.

If the busy executive on your list has to work anyway, why not give him or her something to add a little style to their work world? Find the perfect gifts for executives at

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