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5 Fun Places to Visit in November

5 Fun Places to Visit in November

Consider enjoying your family's company in these exciting locations this year.

Shelly Cone, November 11, 2013
Lots of people think of travel in November, but usually it's in anticipation of visiting far off family members in less than exotic locales. This year if you can swing it step away from the table and head somewhere fun and different. Here are a few of our picks of where to go in November:

Eat Thanksgiving dinner with monkeys in Lopburi, Thailand

While Americans celebrate Thanksgiving feasts, monkeys in another part of the world celebrate a thanks giving of their own. The Monkey Buffet Festival may lead you to think the worst but it's in fact a celebration of monkeys. The festival takes place on the last Sunday of November when nearly 3,000 monkeys enjoy a buffet of fruit and veggies in front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi, north of Bangkok. Young people dress like monkeys in monkey costumes and masks and monkey sculptures decorate the area.

Originally created by local businesses to promote tourism it has evolved into a celebration that attracts visitors as much for its music and dances as to watch the monkeys feast. The Thailand Travel Map will assure you get to see the monkeys and also dance like one.
Brave the Turkey Testicle Festival in Huntley, Illinois (Yes. You read that correctly)
Flickr, Swaminathan

Brave the Turkey Testicle Festival in Huntley, Illinois (Yes. You read that correctly)

You've had the breast, you've gnawed on a leg or two but don't forget about the testicles. This Thanksgiving after the turkey is carved and the pie is eaten head on over to the Parkside Pub for the official annual Turkey Testicle Festival. Each year the small pub attracts crowds of people looking wanting to ditch the relatives, drink a cold brew, listen to live music and get a little nuts. The pub goes through 1,000 pounds of testicles at the festival each year. This year the event is held Nov. 27. Remember to bring along your Rand McNally, Illinois travel Map so you don't lose your way.
Trade in the turkey for shark in the Caribbean Islands
Flickr, Jon Callas

Trade in the turkey for shark in the Caribbean Islands

While some may opt to revel in the colors of fall, there's nothing wrong with holding on to summer. Go somewhere warm in November and travel to the Caribbean Islands chasing the sun. Sample crayfish in Anguilla, catch a wave in Barbados, try a bake and shark in Trinidad or take a hike in Saint Lucia. To help you along the way be sure to take the Caribbean—Lesser Antilles Travel Map along with you.
Why else should you go to the Caribbean in November—because, why not go? Beautiful beaches, exotic food and sunny skies await after just a short plane ride. 

Go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

You've seen it on TV while anxiously awaiting the product of those wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. More than 50 million people watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade at home but only 3.5 million people actually attend. Be part of those few million people and take in the parade live and in person. Seeing a 3-story high balloonicle of the Kool-Aid Man or a Pillsbury Dough Boy balloon that is more than four stories high is a much different experience in person than on television. The 2013 lineup also includes balloons of Hello Kitty, Ronald McDonald and even one marking the 75th anniversary of Wizard of Oz, as well as performance groups, clowns and more.

Eventually you'll want to take advantage of the incredible shopping opportunities and the New York City, NY ShopEasy Guidemap can help you navigate the multitude of shopping choices.
Amsterdam. Enough said.
Flickr, Zoetnet

Amsterdam. Enough said.

Finally, forget balloons, testicles and sunny beaches maybe you just want to head somewhere picturesque. Amsterdam has just the picture for you so make sure to pack your camera. For people who love the holiday season, Amsterdam is the place to be as the holiday season begins in mid-November in preparation for the arrival of Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa Claus. Fewer crowds means you'll get to experience the place at a more leisurely pace.

Antiques lovers won't want to miss PAN Amsterdam — the Fair for Art, Antiques and Design Nov. 24 through Dec. 1. More than 125 gallery owners, antiques and art dealers show their wares.

Explore the breathtaking scenery or simply attend one of the area's many fall beer festivals with the help of the Amsterdam, Netherlands Laminated Street Map.

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