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3 Expeditions To Follow Without Packing A Suitcase

3 Expeditions To Follow Without Packing A Suitcase

Shelly Cone, October 28, 2013
Have a yearning to travel someplace exotic? Have you ever thought about leaving all your responsibilities back in your cubicle and spending some time carefree doing whatever comes to mind? For most people it's just not a reality, but fortunately there are people for whom it is a reality. That doesn't mean the rest of us have to be left out. Some of those lucky few have decided to blog about their exploits giving us to chance to live vicariously through their exploits.

So grab your computer, a cup of coffee and take a spy at the fabulous adventures of some brave travelers. Who knows you may just be inspired to start your own adventure.

Bianca Bauza explores South America

South America is so close yet culturally it's a world away. Full of color, dance, and exotic architecture, South America is a riveting place to behold. Bianca Bauza travels this exotic continent and highlights its beauty and culture. Through breathtaking photos of the colorful countryside and her poetic words Bauza brings South America alive to readers.

Follow along as she shares her stories and travel tips or get inspired to learn even more with our South American Travel Atlas.

A native of Venezuela, Bauza attended college in Montreal, Canada before moving to Spain. There she worked in sales and marketing until a shift in her personal circumstances gave her the impetus to travel. Her blog began as a way to keep friends and family updated on her journey but it quickly grew.

So far her adventures have brought her through the jungle of the Sierra Nevada in search of the Lost City and to the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia. She's danced in the biggest carnival parade in Barranquilla, Colombia and climbed an active volcano in Pucón, Chile. From street art in Buenos Aires and Santiago to witnessing the Bolivian Tinku dance, Bauza will take you to South America without having to even pack a suitcase.

To explore South America with her visit

Flying high on a trike built for two

Each year many people attempt a world record at something—eating the most hot dogs, maintaining the longest kiss or growing the longest fingernails—but one couple is attempting a record that combines, travel and a little gravity defying determination.

Doreen Kroeber and Andreas Zmuda are attempting an official world record for the longest unsupported flight ever on a trike-type micro light. They are attempting to fly the trike 100,000 miles on all five continents. Along the way they'll make stops in 80 different countries, blogging about their experiences.

Follow their travels for the pure curiosity or make it a learning experience for your class or children. Kroeber and Zmuda log their stops and you can too with our digital world maps. Read about each location and culture and then track the route on our digital world map to provide an excellent visual aid.

Kroeber and Zmuda have been traveling since July 21, 2012 and hope to achieve their record July 21, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.

The couple met in November 2010 during an Amazon expedition when Zmuda was a tour guide and Kroeber a participant of the tour. Their blog will let you experience their shared passion for adventure, food and travel.

Visit their blog at
Follow in his footsteps
Photo via

Follow in his footsteps

Maybe you want to travel yourself. However, somehow it's always comforting to heed the advice of someone who has been there before you. Consider Anil Polat of your very own tour guide. He's blazing the trails and reporting back to you with the best travel tips to your favorite destinations.

Polat is a computer security engineer who has been traveling the world for six years and blogging about it. His goal is to visit every country in the world.

His blog is a mix of culturally driven posts, vibrant photographs and really useful tips. Discover the best point and shoot camera travelers should buy right now, how to drive the German Autobahn, and even random interesting tidbits like how hot air balloons were once used as French military spy posts.

The site isn't all fun and games. You'll find essential posts that cover what to do if you overstay your tourist visa, how to avoid luggage fees and facts to know about plane crashes that can save your life.

Polat's site is really geared toward people who want to or are preparing to travel. So if you are getting ready to scratch that trip to see the pyramids off your bucket list stop by and then stop by for to find the best travel guide for your trip.

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