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Maps for Summer Memories

Maps for Summer Memories

Shelly Cone, October 21, 2013
Oops did you hear that? Was that the crunchy sound of a dried yellow leaf underfoot? It's the faint harkening that fall is in the distance. As your thoughts start drifting toward packing away those summer clothes don't let summer stray too far from your thoughts. Keep those memories alive every now and then with a few guaranteed memory catchers.
Starry Skies

Keep the Starry Summer Skies

Did your summertime involve long, late night campfires, telling scary tales under the starry night skies? Capture those tales with one of the National Geographic Heavens Map

As it was first printed in 1957 it's got that beautiful vintage thing going on, but because this two-part map shows the constellations and brightest starts as seen from both the northern and southern hemispheres, you get two perspectives on space. You can see the stars as you saw them and the way someone on the other side of the world will have seen those same stars. Kinda blows your mind right?

Now, the only thing missing is the smoky scent of those charred marshmallows to take you back to those hot summer nights.
Love Map

Build a Map of Summer Lovin'

Find a summer love? Build a custom radius map and pinpoint all the places you spent time canoodling. It's a sentimental way to capture that summertime fling. That little Italian restaurant—stick a pin in it. That spot under the pier where first kissed—pin it. The point above the city where you sat under the stars and talked about your new future together—pin it.

Then frame the map and give it as a gift to your special someone and they'll melt at how romantic you are. Don't worry we won't tell her it was our idea.

The USA as Seen by the Family Truckster

Did you do some traveling with the family this summer? Maybe you took the RV cross country. Surely, you came away with some epic stories to tell. Immortalize that journey for your family with the Children's USA Wall Map.

Made especially for children with lots of fun illustrated pictures, your family will not only map your memories but you'll learn about mountain ranges, deserts, seas and animals that you passed along the way.
X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

Just for fun instead of sticking a plain old pin to mark your stops, grab a few interesting map accessories for the job or add small mementos or pictures to the map from places you visited.
With maps and accessories you can hang onto those summertime memories in a stunning and creative way. Reflect on those thoughts of summer during the coldest months and get inspired for next year.

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