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5 Lesser Known Beaches of the World

5 Lesser Known Beaches of the World

Summer is About Getting off the Grid

Shelly Cone, October 14, 2013
As you plan your summer beach vacation do you ever stop and pull out a map or a globe to help you in your planning? As your thoughts start wandering to where you want to go this summer try this activity: Reach for a map or globe of the Earth. Then take note of the number of continents. Notice something? Each continent in the world is surrounded by miles and miles of beach. So why not forgo the standard choices and explore some beautiful but less traveled beaches this year? Here are a few to get you started:

Playa Medina, Venezuela

Nestled near a plantation of coconut trees is a crescent-shaped beach considered one of Venezuela's best beaches. Playa Medina is worlds away from the ringing phones, the constant cleaning, the traffic and all the noise that simply rules life sometimes.

Located on Venezuela's Peninsula de Paria, you can lounge in the sun under the shade of a coconut tree with no responsibilities. Occasionally a food vendor will happen by or you can get fresh fish from a local fisherman. A few scattered cabanas and an inn are the only other distractions on this perfectly situated beach. Just you and nature and sweet, sweet peace of mind.

Porat Beach, Bisevo, Croatia

If the thought of traveling the Mediterranean conjures up images of white sands, turquoise waters and lots of tourists then you may want to consider a visit to Porat Beach on the small island of Bisevo in Croatia instead.

A small field of grape vines and olive groves sit at the center of the island of Bisevo giving it a lush green appearance that is only rivaled by the translucent turquoise of the ocean surrounding the island. The island has several caves, the most famous being Modra Spilja. However, despite the fame of these caves few people know about Porat Beach.

With only a bar and restaurant and few permanent residents the beach is yours to enjoy. Pretend you are on a deserted island or maybe that you own the island. Either way there won't be a lot of tourists to invade your dreamy fantasy freeing you up to dip into the surreal blue-green waters like the royalty you are.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

White sand beaches? That's so three paragraphs ago. For those who want to get away from the scenic postcard beach and marvel at something different, check out Harbour Island, Bahamas.

This beach is renowned for its gentle waves that lap at the pink sand that spans a three-mile area. You won't find much seclusion though as the idea of a pink sand beach does draw tourists from around the world.

The beach gets its color from the crushed shells of the Foraminifera. These microscopic coral insects have reddish shells, which get crushed and mixed with the sand giving it its famous color. With all the typical amenities nearby you can vacation in comfort while enjoying the uniqueness of pink sand between your toes.

Glass Beach, California

While some beaches have pink sand, others are multi-colored and smooth as glass. At least that's the case with California's Glass Beach. Located in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California, Glass Beach shimmers in brilliant blues, radiant reds, rich ambers and sparkling greens from layers of sea glass resting on the sand.

The sea glass that makes up Glass Beach is the result of years of dumping trash like glass, appliances and even cars on the coastline. In the 60s the area was closed as a dump and then over the decades the beach turned the remaining glass remnants into a glistening thing of beauty.

The 38-acre Glass Beach is a wonderful place to walk, think and marvel at the colorful sea glass sand but it's prohibited to take home the smooth glass pieces. So for this beach mementos of your visit will have to be in the form of pictures.

Hainan Island, China

When you think tropical beach you probably think Hawaii right? That's OK most people do. However Hainan Island, China wants to challenge that thought.

Tropical rainforests frame fine sand beaches and crystalline waters that are perfect for swimming. Located on the South Coast of China, the Hainan Island is China's second largest island. It's on the same latitude as Hawaii, making it no wonder it rivals the popular tourist destination.

While Hainan Island hasn't hit the radar as a tourist spot there are still a range of activities from visiting the exotic animals on the island's wildlife reserves to water sports to just unwinding on the beach.

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